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Product :Magnetic stripe card encoder (Writer/Reader)

An ideal magnetic stripe card writng / reading device with High & low coercitivity, it can read and encode data of mag-stripe both of the ISO cards and passbooks. CQ-MSE is an easy, reliable device for banks, financial organizations and security identification..

magnetic card encoder

Features :
Compact size
HiCo & loCo stripe card is available
Long head life, suitable for high load of work
Manual swipe to read / write data with a single pass
Read / write magnetic stripe card in both ISO & IBM formats
Read / write magnetic cards of HiCo & LoCo
Read / write up to triple tracks (tracks 1,2, tracks 2,3 or tracks 1,2,3)
LED & beeper indication for power on and read / write operations
Well designed software / hardware and good quality key components to ensure the whole excellent performance
Module structure technology applied to ensure high efficiency and reliability
Fully compatible with MSR206 encoder

magnetic card encoder

Standard magnetic IBM, ISO, DIN, ANSI
Designed speed :20-100mm / sec
Coercivity: Read/write 300-4000 oe Mag.card
Recording density: track1: 210BPI,track2:75BPI/210BPI,track3: 210BPI
Card thickness:0.76-1.2mm
Head life: ≥500,000 times
Power supply: DC 110V /230V
Electric current:≤280mA
Working environment: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ 15% -85% RH
Pakage dimensions: W180 * L250 * H150mm
Wiring length: 2m
Weight: 1.5KG/2.0KG

  Sale Price:

     Model #
R/W tracks Type Coercitivity Sale price
Track1,2 HiCo/LoCo 300-2750 Oe US$ 150.00
Track2,3 HiCo/LoCo 300-2750 Oe US$ 150.00
  Track1,2,3 HiCo/LoCo 300-4000 Oe US$ 160.00

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